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Boston Marathon 2014

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Dec 19, 2008



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Boston Qualifier

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    1/1/09 20:46 (6:42)
    1/1/10 19:33 (6:18)
    1/1/11 19:23 (6:15)
    1/1/12 19:33 (6:18)
    FSRC Turkey Trot:
    11/20/11 18:50 (6:04)
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    1/24/09 42:40 (6:53)
    1/23/10 40:48 (6:35)
    1/22/11 39:40 (6:24)
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    2/21/09 1:05:59 (7:06)
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    2/26/11 1:03:46 (6:51)
    2/25/12 1:02:26 (6:42)
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    3/21/09 1:27:16 (7:01)
    3/20/10 1:26:46 (6:59)
    3/26/11 1:24:37 (6:49)
    3/24/12 1:25:27 (6:52)
  • 1/2 Marathon
    Grand Columbian 1/2 Iron Relay
    2007 1:58:29 (8:59)
    2010 1:39:07 (7:34)
  • Marathon
    2005 Portland: 3:52:21 (8:52)
    2007 Tacoma: 3:47:17 (8:40)
    2010 Eugene: 3:16:21 (7:30)
    2011 Boston: 3:25:28 (7:51)
    2011 Tunnel: 3:06:30 (7:07)
    2012 Boston: 3:53:56 (8:56)
    2012 Big Sur: 3:23:06 (7:45)
    2013 Tacoma: 3:41:25 (8:27)
    2013 Tunnel Lite: 3:07:33 (7:09)
    2014 Boston: 3:40:35 (8:20)
  • Ultra Marathon
    2013 Defiance 50k: 4:49:12 (9:18)
    2013 Steilacoom 50k: 4:44:06 (9:09)
    2014 R2R 51.9mi: 9:51:40 (11:24)

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St Paddy's Day 1/2 1:50 Pacer 3/12/16

Whidbey Island 1/2 1:45 Pacer 4/?/16

Tacoma City Marathon 3:55 Pacer 5/1/16



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Heb 12:11


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Poor man's cleats. this works a LOT better than you would think! Very quick and easy.

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Brooks Adrenaline GT13-3 Lifetime Miles: 964.63
Shopping Cart Lifetime Miles: 9.60
Race: Boston Marathon 2014 (26.219 Miles) 03:40:35
Total Distance

The crowd support was so awesome this year! I'm really glad I went. Although I didn't plan on running a PR or even being competitive for that matter with only 3 months training, I had a plan to finish about 3:30-3:45. Even though I should have known better on my 3rd trip to Boston, I got caught up in the excitement and started out way to fast again. It's just so hard to focus on any kind of plan when there are a million people lining the sides of the course cheering for all the runners! I chose to interact with the crowd as often as I could and I have no regrets about it. They were all just so awesome and encouraging. I must have high-5'd a thousand little kids in the first 5 miles. There were only a few small spaces along the highway outside of hopkinton where the crowds were not shoulder to shoulder and I don't think I went longer than a minute or two in the whole race without hearing "you're on fighyah!", or "go fighyah pants!". The Wellesley girls were deafening this year; I could hear them from at least a half mile away coming and going. Along the quarter mile stretch known as the "scream tunnel" they hung over a barricade waving signs and would only stop screaming long enough to plant a kiss on any runners that would stop. ~ (Maybe if I ever run it again, I'll have Kym watch from there so I can get my kiss on the course)
A few miles past Wellesley is where the work really starts and needless to say, all the fun I had in the first few miles took its toll. I paid dearly on the Newton hills as you can see from my splits. Major cramping in my quads and a little in my calves added a couple minutes to my pace. At about mile 19 I got an enthusiastic shoutout from Derunzo and I ran over and gave him a big sweaty hug! Thanks Derunzo! and sorry if you had to smell me the rest of the day :) Tom K caught me walk/limping a bit shortly after that and sad hello as he passed. Thanks Tom. Other than that, I didn't see anybody I knew on the course. It was pretty much a hobblefest from there to Hereford where I dug as deep as I could to finish strong and enjoy the flight down Boylston. Kym wasn't able to get near the finish line, but she did snap a picture of me getting my medal from the upstairs window of the CVS.  I'll post some pics later for anyone that hasn't seen them on facebook already. We did lots of fun touristy stuff this time and I even got my picture on the front page of the Monday edition of the Boston Herald.

Distance Split pace
1.00 7:33
2.00 7:22
3.00 7:29
4.00 7:23
5.00 7:37
6.00 7:31
7.00 7:31
8.00 7:36
9.00 7:26
10.00 7:27
11.00 7:38
12.00 7:42
13.00 7:40
14.00 7:39
15.00 7:55
16.00 7:41
17.00 8:04
18.00 8:36
19.00 8:06
20.00 10:48
21.00 9:52
22.00 10:16
23.00 10:04
24.00 9:16
25.00 10:02
26.00 10:52
26.49 7:13

Brooks Adrenaline GT13 -2 Miles: 26.22
From Derunzo on Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 13:48:24 from

You sure we're sweaty, but you smelled like victory to me. You're the man Mike!

From I Just Run on Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 15:42:02 from

Sorry you had such a tough race but we sure had a good time with you and Kim! I came home and immediately looked up the Tunnel Marathon but found out that it is already full. :-( Maybe I can come run it next year!

From Tom Slick on Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 10:38:59 from

Wow, rT... way to get the job done. Nice time even though you were hurting a little bit! Sorry we didn't get to meet up in Bean Town, there were just too many people thee this year. Did you make it to the Blessing of the Athletes?

From rAtTLeTrAp on Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 11:56:28 from

Derunzo - I'm glad I could share my "victory" with you :)

IJR - Kym and I really enjoyed hanging out with you guys too. I'll remind you about the tunnel before registration opens for the next one. I'd offer to pace you in it, but I doubt I could keep up.

Tom - We went full blast from Friday night until Wednesday night and still couldn't do everything we hoped. Next time I'd like to go earlier and stay longer. We did go to the 9:00am blessing on Sunday and I was blessed and scarf'd. It was a great service.

From JimF on Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 13:52:17 from

Sounds like you made the most out of your Boston experience. Great job hanging in there when it got tough. Had to be special to be part of Boston this year and feel all of that support.

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